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To create a safe & bacteria-mitigated environment for employees & customers to feel comfortable while working and help to Reopen California Businesses.

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Covid Dragon Clean is with you all the way to get your business up and running again. If you have been on the front lines and stayed open during this crisis, we will give you peace of mind knowing you are doing extra for your business and community. Your employees will feel safer knowing that they are working in a much cleaner environment with a bio-shield that lasts at least 30 days, rather than worrying if soap and water are enough to do the job. We will assist in training you and your employees safe practice protocols.

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Our Mission

The 2020 Novel Coronavirus pandemic has uncovered how delicate and helpless our reality is towards the inconspicuous. The requirement for biosecurity as never been progressively significant. Because of globalization, we are more associated than any time in recent memory, yet that availability accompanies a gigantic vulnerable side. Unsafe pathogens and organisms, as COVID-19, can spread quicker than at any other time and cripple whole networks surprisingly fast. We need to lead the charge in COVID-19 cleaning in the Inland Empire to fortify our strength against these concealed dangers and resume business tasks. We likewise offer every minute of every day crisis administrations.

Our Methods

Our strategies for taking care of episodes, for example, COVID-19 in the Inland Empire are special among sterilization organizations. We talk with researchers who survey our cleaning, sanitization, recognizable proof and anticipation methods, and use a similar innovation received by crisis responders around the globe. When a space is totally purified we build up measures to forestall a reoccurrence of COVID-19 sullying with the goal that organizations can securely continue tasks. We hold the accompanying accreditations from the World Health Organization (WHO), and OSHA:

  • OSHA Blood Born Pathogens
  • OSHA Respiratory Protection
  • WHO COVID-19 PPE Certification
  • WHO Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Treatment Facility Design
  • WHO Operational Planning and COVID-19 Preparedness Response
  • WHO Infection Prevention and Control for Novel COVID-19
  • WHO eProtect Respiratory Infections

WHO Emerging Respiratory Viruses including COVID-19 (Detection and Prevention Control)

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