For Commercial Sanitation Cleaning Services, excellence is the bridge to safety through dedicated focus on:

  • Flawless product integrity
  • Effective processes with continuous improvement
  • Motivated, skilled and innovative sanitation employees
  • A safe working environment for employees
  • Maximization of asset and capacity application
  • Flexibility in scheduling – both processes and personnel
  • Facilities and equipment designed for efficient and effective cleaning
  • Being environmentally responsible
  • Being a technical professional and a business partner.


Even though health seems to be the most important point for the spread and campaign of sanitation practices, it is not necessarily always the main reason why people want to have clean and hygienic way of practicing sanitation. This is when we want the best Commercial Sanitation Services for the job!

Sanitation practices assist in environmental sustainability. It can be used to target a nutrient balance in the present world where there is so much tension on our available resources. During this time of the worldwide pandemic, sanitation is the best and the most important measure that we can take to be safe. Commercial Sanitation Services is here to ensure that we stop the spread of this virus.

  • This helps keep our environment clean, which is a treasure for everyone.
  • Protecting us from diseases
  • Most toxic materials such as mercury, lead asbestos, and arsenic are produced in high amounts which pose a threat to the environment as well as human health. Therefore, proper sanitation balances its release and ensures appropriate disposal.
  • Preventing outbreaks of diseases, pests, and food-borne illnesses are easier than fixing them. Therefore, employing good sanitation practices regularly is mandatory. High levels of hygiene should be observed no matter what it takes for a healthy living.

In addition to the benefits Commercial Sanitation Services brings to health, it also generates benefits for our economy. However, when it comes to the people themselves, social factors such as privacy, dignity etc seems to be the stronger reason why we will want to have good sanitation and this is where we need effective Commercial Sanitation Cleaning Services.


There is a various range of sanitation technologies and approaches that can be considered when it comes to sanitation. Some examples are:

  • Community-led Total Sanitation
  • Container-based Sanitation
  • Ecological Sanitation
  • Emergency Sanitation
  • Environmental Sanitation
  • Onsite Sanitation
  • Sustainable Sanitation


Not all cleaning products can be considered effective just because it is labelled as a cleaning agent! There are things that need to be considered before using these products. Some of the factors to consider are as follows:

  • Quick and complete solubility.
  • Good wetting and penetrating action.
  • Dissolving action of food solids.
  • Emulsifying action on fat.
  • Deflocculating, dispersing, or suspending action.
  • Good rinsing properties.
  • Complete water softening power.
  • Noncorrosive on metal surfaces.
  • Germicidal action.
  • Economical to use.


  • Selecting the right Commercial Sanitation Services for the job.
  • Changing (increasing) the temperature of the cleaning solution so that the strength of the surface bond is decreased, the stickiness is decreased and the solubility of the soluble materials and the chemical reaction rate is increased.
  • Delaying the time, the cleaner has contact with the surface needing to be cleaned.
  • Changing the concentration of chemicals. Concentration is the least effective variable to change in sanitation.


Time is of the essence and with our Commercial Sanitation Cleaning Services we do not want to spend too much time during the process. Just because we spend less time on the job doesn’t mean that we are not doing a good job. It simply means that our products are effective within a short amount of time!

Our 3-step process at Commercial Sanitation Services ensures a clean and hygienic environment for all.


Our first step is to apply a 99.9% Copper tape to all ‘common use’ surfaces within a given perimeter. This flexible, highly conductive, low resistance, strong and water-resistant tape will be the perfect channel to receive the Bio shield treatment, and enable the electrostatic sprayed product to adhere and bond with this common use surface.


Commercial Sanitation Services proprietary sanitizer and Disinfectant ‘Pre-Treatment’ will provide the following:

  • Sanitizing food contact surfaces in 60 seconds
  • Sanitizing non-food contact surfaces in 10 seconds
  • Fast – drying [which removes residual moisture]
  • Hospital grade disinfectant
  • No need to rinse
  • No need to wipe to avoid cross-contamination risk from soiled rags/towels
  • There is no need to use several products as one product cleans, sanitizes and disinfects food contact and non-food contact surfaces
  • Is non-corrosive
  • No need to worry about stains on skin, fabrics, plastics, metals, glass or Formica
  • Our sanitizers and disinfectants are alcohol based
  • These are sold as a case of 12 x 1-liter bottles (other sizes are also available)
  • E.P.A Reg. No. 73232-1-83022
  • NSF Reg. # 126509
  • Certified Kosher and Pareve, for year-round use (excluding Passover)
  • Commercial Sanitation Services uses Bioshield® 75 which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, including Staph/MRSA, and continually inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi for up to 90 days or up to 1 year when applied with fogger/electrostatic sprayer. We want to ensure lesser germ transfer from common-use surfaces within the workplace or any occupied space, in between scheduled treatments.


There is a variety of known chemicals whose properties destroy or prevent the growth of microorganisms. Many of these chemicals, however, are not suitable for use on food-contact surfaces because they may destroy, stain, or leave a film on the surface. While others may be highly toxic or too expensive for practical use. When looking for an approved sanitizer, the label must include the following:

  • EPA registration number.
  • It should state that the product may be used on food contact surfaces.
  • Does not require a potable water rinse.
  • States that the product will sanitize. If a product is a detergent/sanitizer, it must also make the claim to sanitize.


With our Commercial Sanitation Services, we ensure that your commercial space is not only safe for you but your employees as well. If bacteria and harmful pathogens are left unchecked, they can spread infection and illness to the building’s inhabitants.
Hard surfaces are porous on a microscopic level and can trap unseen bacteria, so you must hire Commercial Sanitation Services as we use the proper sanitation methods.



  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi 24/7
  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs to provide 24/7, long-lasting antimicrobial protection for all facilities, surfaces, and equipment.
  • Trusted antimicrobial technology has proven to continually prevent and control microbial growth and reduces routes of the transfer.
  • Eliminates and continually prevents stubborn odors.
  • EPA registered products. Non-toxic, safe, and easy to use.
  • Environmentally friendly, water-based technology.
  • Hypoallergenic and non-sensitizing. Chemicals will not rub off onto the skin or into the environment.

Our staffs are fully trained professionals in Commercial Sanitation Cleaning Services to ensure proper use of chemicals and equipment.


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